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Date: Jan 23 2013

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I’m off bright and early this morning for Alt Summit in Salt Lake City. It’s my first trip to Utah and I’m so excited to explore. I’m just dying to fit in some skiing but don’t see how I’ll be able to make that happen with the Alt schedule of events and my short time frame. I can’t wait to learn some good stuff, hang with blog friends (including my roomie Gaby!), and have a fun vacation with the girls. I plan to let loose a little. Those who know me well will not be surprised by this :)

Packing was fun – here’s hoping my luggage doesn’t get lost… Eyes widen with terror.

Follow along on my adventures on instagram, yo (my account is looklingerlove). xoxo

Sorry for poor quality pic, I took this with my phone late last night.


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Date: Jan 22 2013

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I went on a favoriting spree yesterday. You know, the imaginary shopping you do online. Obviously you can’t buy everything you want. But favoriting them feels really satisfying, too. While looking over my loot I noticed they were all neutral in color. Maybe that’s my new thing? With a big bright lip, of course.

I own that pleated maxi and it’s worth every bit of the whole $23 it costs. It’s fabulous. I could really go on and on about every single piece up there and make a good argument as to why they’re closet investment must haves. But neither of us have the time, so let’s just give eeeextra special nods to the stripey dress, the rain booties (I wear my rain booties waaaay more than my tall rain boots), the tweed shift dress, and that freaking clutch.

And you and I both know that I totally lied. There was one colorful favorited item. These Coral Snake Embossed booties. I’ll take them, too.


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Date: Jan 21 2013

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Blame it on Amelia Bedelia and her Valentine’s book I’ve been reading to Lilly, but I have Valentine’s Day on the brain. I wouldn’t say I’m a total heart day junkie, but I do love a holiday that celebrates love and all things pink! Maybe you do too…

To Have:
To Wear:


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Date: Jan 18 2013

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It’s been a long week over here taking care of my sick children. We’ve been strolling a lot to get some fresh air and I’ve also made a few breaks for it thanks to some good sitters :) And I’ve been practically living in my new Ash wedge sneakers.

I had been contemplating them for a few months now, but finally bit the bullet about 2 weeks ago and got a pair. I LOVE them. I’m a shorty so I love to add some height. They’re great for chasing kids, strolling down King Street, and can also totally be dressed up which is a fun. I got them in black but am now completely convinced I need them in a rainbow of colors.

I’m particularly drawn to the creamy white pair and that pastel pair. And if I didn’t already have my black pair I’d be all over the snakeskin ones. So many fun ways to dress them.

And I think I might like her outfit the best…


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Date: Jan 16 2013

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My friend Meg Biram just launched her comfy tee with a meaning line, Manifesto. Each month a different declaration of intention, motive, or view will be chosen. 12 different tops a year. All limited edition.

For Manifesto’s launch Meg invited 9 blogger friends to be a part of the lookbook. I’m so honored to be a part of it wearing January’s tee, evolve.

I chose to pair it with an oldie but a goodie floral skirt. And my friend Calder snapped the pics for me. After Josh attempted to… Josh’s turned out something like this:

Alright they weren’t really that crooked, but they were way out of focus. So big ups to Calder for saving this. Anyway, how about some of the other lovely ladies…

So fun, right? Congrats on the line launch, Meg! I can’t wait to see next month’s.

Oh, and let’s just go ahead and address one last thing. I know my left boob looks like it’s about to jump out of your screen and punch you in the face. I mean, yeah it is bigger than the right one. But my angle makes it look 3 times bigger! WTF.

Oh well. Evolve. Meg asked me what it means to me… Embrace change. Seek out the opportunity meant for you.
What does it mean to you?


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Date: Jan 15 2013

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I have never, I am quite certain, seen a more enchanting fashion blogger. Feminine and fierce. Sorry to use the word fierce, but frankly she is. I’ve followed Nicole’s blog for a long time now. She’s one of the best, if not the best.

A true beauty dressed! Go girl.
All images via Gary Pepper.


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