Date: Jan 21 2013

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Blame it on Amelia Bedelia and her Valentine’s book I’ve been reading to Lilly, but I have Valentine’s Day on the brain. I wouldn’t say I’m a total heart day junkie, but I do love a holiday that celebrates love and all things pink! Maybe you do too…

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7 Responses to “In A Valentine’s Mood”

  1. I kind of have it on the brain as well! Love the smoking slip-ons :)

  2. That peplum top is seriously amazing! Loooooove it!

  3. That peplum top is seriously amazing! Loooooove it!

  4. Kim Aull says:

    The planter is too cute!

  5. I love the pink hair tips! AND I remember Amelia Bedelia from my childhood. Such funny little books.

  6. The Now says:

    I am getting excited for V-day too! I am about to start shopping on Etsy for Valentine’s cards. I love that pale pink peplum and both pairs of shoes!!!! xo

  7. Nuha says:

    the girlyness in me is praying that the baby comes on valentine’s day – the physical part of me thinks i’m insane haha.

    but now i’m craving sugar cookies! and that fox + flower print! Thanks C!

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