Date: May 24 2013

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The gallery wall. It’s kind of the ultimate signifier of a home owner’s style. A way of saying “I live here, this is so me”. We see them all the time on pinterest. But what about in your friends’ homes? Maybe a little harder to come by. Because, for one thing, an art collection takes time (and some money) to curate. And two, a good gallery wall is friggin’ hard to pull off. But worth it when you do.

Gallery walls add dimension and texture to a room. They allow you to showcase your style through many pieces as opposed to just one. Just be sure that what you’re collecting and showcasing is representative of you. And have fun with it. Seriously. The stuffy art collections always come off as, well, stuffy.
Betchya can’t find a favorite! In honor of Memorial Day take 25% off your purchase in my art shop through Monday using the code “TAKE25“.


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12 Responses to “Art Collected”

  1. I so agree. They take time and aren’t easy to do well. But I love every single piece you chose here.

  2. Love every single piece!

  3. MFAMB says:

    i go back and forth over the gallery wall. i love them but find them so hard to get right. i am terrible at hanging art. and i MAKE ART! come over and help me do my walls chassity.

  4. LOVE every combo you put together and so need every single piece…gorgeous all around.

  5. We have 2 gallery walls. One of family photos spanning many generations and another one of all kinds of black white including etchings, prints and photos. It’s fun to do!

  6. 17 Perth says:

    I love a good gallery wall! And, these are great inspiration Photos! Couldn’t agree more with you… It can be so expensive… But so fun. It’s all about the hunt for the perfect find!

  7. katherine says:

    these are great celebrations of how art and artists can live among us! thank you!

  8. Lisa says:

    Can’t wait to show my husband your pictures so we can get motivated to work (argue)on the pictures we need to hang! I hate that he has an opinion but I work with it! I have similar ideas in my head but need to get it out!

  9. Loving all of your art picks!!!! So hard to choose a favorite!!! Thanks for the love!

  10. SHERRY HART says:

    totally dying over these examples of galleries….

  11. Love everything here, I hung the frames for my gallery wall in my living room but they are still empty! Happy memorial day ;)

  12. Neicy says:

    love your style! xo

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