Do yourselves a solid and hit up Old Navy’s website (b/c they do not have all this good stuff in store, trust me, I was there yesterday) and pick up these cute and inexpensive dresses. If there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that a fight in the morning over whether or not Lilly gets to wear a favorite dress is just not worth it. So I’ve invested in a bunch of $10 dresses that Lilly loves so that when she does want to throw one on to go get dirty in at the park, I don’t really care so much. Plus this stuff is adorbs.

Shop all these dresses right here! And while you’re there, pick up a romper or two. Another favorite.
These striped swimsuits in every color (they’re only $7).

And Lilly’s new favorite top.

Whew, summer wardrobe complete. Oh wait, not without Gap’s rainbow striped dress. Lilly chose this to wear to school today.

So stinking cute. How lucky we are that there are so many cute and inexpensive options for girls. The boys? Not quite as much… But there are some things. You could always stock up on all the new summer pj’s, too.

Okay, NOW we’re all set. Throw some towels and sunscreen into this $19 pom pom tote and she’s beach ready.

It comes in navy too, but I bought up the pink. Duh :)


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9 Responses to “To My Fellow Mommas With Independent Little Girls”

  1. These clothes are making me clucky they are so darn cute! Maybe I should stock up for the future? But then again Murphy’s Law will make sure I have all boys ;)

  2. Just so you know, the onsavenow promo doesn’t work on baby/toddler clothes, but only on kid’s. I was disappointed!

  3. Lyla and Lilly must consipre overnight. Lyla loves a good dress, it is better when she can get dirty in it.

  4. Ali says:

    I agree, the boys definitely don’t have as many options. Cute finds though.

  5. Not a mama, but totally picking these up for my niece!

  6. i wish they would carry more in their stores – i don’t know why but every time I order online from Old Navy they send me the wrong sizes – gah!

    cute picks – i need to hit up Gap – that striped number is too cute!

  7. These are cute enough to almost make me ready to have kids… Just saying…

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