Date: Sep 12 2011

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Check it!  We’re back this morning with another draw droppingly adorable nursery from yet another design talent, Bryn Alexandra. Yippie yay what a great Monday!  A fellow southerner just a little north of me here in Charleston, Bryn rocks the house up in Charlotte on a daily basis.  I’m so honored to have my sweet friend visit today to contribute to the Nursery Design Series


I’m SO excited to be a guest poster for Chassity on her beautiful blog; it’s easily one of my favorites. I got to know Chassity back in May at Blogfest and she is as sweet and beautiful in person as she is on her blog. In fact, while we were attending some events I noticed Miss Chassity wasn’t partaking in adult beverages and the thought crossed my mind that she may be pregnant. Well turns out she was and I’m SO happy and excited for her and her growing family.

It was fun playing pretend and making a little boy nursery – I decided to go with a preppy Federal-style spin. Thanks again for having me, Chassity!

Told you Bryn rocks the house.  How sweet is that nursery?  And don’t you love the cute ceiling fan that she found?  She’s not even a momma yet and she knows what she’s doing.  Sidenote: I’m trying to coerce her into joining in on mommyhood soon, so my Mommas- tell her how wonderful it is!  And Bryn, thank you thank you for the nursery eye candy today!  So funny you noticed my lack of “indulging” at Blogfest in NYC.  I was trying to be sneaky :)

To see more nursery designs from the Nursery Design Series:


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25 Responses to “A Preppy Nursery By Bryn Alexandra”

  1. Chelsea says:

    That is such a cool fan. Love the look…You have so much amazing inspiration to pull from now! xoxo

  2. Simply LKJ says:

    Beautiful nursery! Who can resist Padington Bear!!! Love all the richness of the wood tones, and the ceiling fan is fabulous.

  3. I LOVE the window treatments and the gorgeous chair! Navy is a favorite of mine and looks perfect for a little gent.

  4. oh my Bryn! I’m not usually such a fan of traditional nurseries, but this is masculine and grown up…I just adore! That Quadrille zig zag and the hepplewhite dresser have me drooling!

  5. Oh I like this one sooo much!! In love with EVERY single detail in this room. And I like how this room can easily transition to a grownup kids room ;)

  6. Oh I like this one sooo much!! In love with EVERY single detail in this room. And I like how this room can easily transition to a grownup kids room ;)

  7. Oh I like this one sooo much!! In love with EVERY single detail in this room. And I like how this room can easily transition to a grownup kids room ;)

  8. I LOVE your nursery design guest post series!! check this amazing lady out! You might already know of her but her blog is designed around nurseries!

  9. Loving this one, the leather and the black with the wood, great combination!

  10. Adorable room — it would nicely transition for an older kid too; I love the teddy bear!

  11. This room is gorgeous!! That leather pouf is perfect with that fan and dresser. The blue mix of pattern and color are lovely!!

  12. All of these nurseries have been amazing, but this is my favorite by far! I LOVE how Bryn mixes traditional and modern (case in point: Hepplewhite + the Quadrille zig-zag).


  13. Absolutely beautious. So fun seeing all of your amazing options!

  14. another great option!!! baby E will have the most stylish nursery ever! (well, maybe except for Lilly’s!)

  15. Lily says:

    Love this room !! They have all been so great. This room looks so cozy and easy to live in though !


  16. I love this one. Bryn, you did a great job! Perfect for a new baby boy.

  17. Natalie says:

    These designs are seriously making me want baby 2 asap so I can decorate. Love the rug and white glider!

  18. Oh my goodness I am in love with this nursery.

  19. I’m FINALLY able to see your site- just ignored the stupid message and voila…back at last- I’ve missed you! Now on to that gorgeous nursery- adore the dresser and the unexpected green walls…also love love the zebra fabric and spindle crib- all just so perfect for a little guy.

  20. This is amazing…I love the fresh new take on a nursery…federal is the perfect description, with that rug and the cool antique dresser…I love the dark and moody feel! Way to go, Bryn, and yes, you should totally jump on the mommy bandwagon and be tortured, er, I mean love it along with the rest of us! (c: hehehe!

  21. I’m loving the series! Bryn, you have a talented eye! Adorable nurseries!

  22. Oooh, I really like this one!

  23. This is my favorite one yet! So cozy and warm. The moon print is amazing…I might have to steal the idea!

  24. Eavan says:

    very cute and definitely versatile! good choice!find more Glider Sets here on nursery gliders

  25. Megan Wilson says:

    What is the green wall color?! Love it

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