Date: Jun 10 2015

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Late last year I enlisted the help of my good friend Olivia Brock, of the fabulous blog Lacquered Life and founder of Torrance Mitchell Designs, to help me find the perfect shade of pink for my front door. Olivia is an historic preservationist, color guru/expert, and spectacular eating/drinking buddy here in Charleston, and I couldn’t help but abuse our friendship for a little help :)


front door


You might remember my door used to be a minty teal color. I liked that color, but I had wanted pink all along. When we took on our home project nearly 4 years ago it was a big renovation (gutting and adding on), so there were many, many decisions to be made. I had to pick my battles with Josh, and fighting for the pink door just wasn’t worth it.


southern front door charleston


So back to the point… this past November I showed Olivia a picture of a door that I loved and asked her to figure out what the color was so that I could just simply copy it. She found out what it was, but she also knew that it had been faded in the sun and that we could find a better shade for my home (lighting and shade of white on our brick…). She recommended Benjamin Moore Old World.(2011-40)


charleston front door southern porch


She also helped me find a new mailbox, love this white one!


front door coral front door southern front door


Big hug to Olivia for helping me with my front door :) I love the new color!



outdoor plaid rug, galvanized planters,

swing bed, white mailbox, rocking chairs,

copper gas lanterns, flying pig, figue dress


Photography by Gray Benko.



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34 Responses to “Front Door Project”

  1. Alesya says:

    LOVE. IT. (Sorry not sorry Josh.)

  2. Chassity says:

    Thanks so much, Desiree!!

  3. Chassity says:

    HAAAA, thanks Alesya!

  4. Laurie B. says:

    You know I am obsessed with that door…yes in teal….and now even more in this shade! Give me that door! XOXO

  5. Terri wick says:

    I love it. What does Josh think of it?

  6. Lynda says:

    That is the best front door color! I love it! I got a new front door, porch chair, and planter last year – then I just stopped and didn’t add anything else. Your door color inspired me to order a pillow with a coral pink pattern, and I want to get the rug you have when it is back in stock in the size I need. Now I just have to work on a new color for my shutters. Thank you so much for all of the great ideas and pretty things you create and post about. Your blog really is one of my very favorites.

  7. jillian says:

    i love it!! you have a beautiful home! xo jillian

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  9. Love what you did with the door! Looks really cool!


  10. Chassity says:

    Thank you so much, Alina.

  11. TSB says:

    I love the color. I will gladly pay you a finders fee if you could point me in the direction of those exact planters you used. I’ve been on the hunt for that shape and size for months with no luck. The one kings lane planters are nice, but unfortunately too small for my use.

  12. Chassity says:

    Hey there! It’s from Terrain but sadly isn’t available anymore, and the OKL version was the closest I could find. I wouldn’t be surprised if Terrain brings them back though b/c they’re so great!

  13. TSB says:

    Thanks so much! I greatly appreciate it. I’ll be on the lookout for them at Terrain.

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  15. Kay says:

    Oh, gosh — I love everything about the front of your house. It’s adding fuel to my wanting to change the color of our front door. I chose black for our Dutch colonial’s white 1st story + pale gray 2nd/gable story. Especially at this time of year, I’m thinking something like a pretty pastel would be better. Stay tuned?

  16. Chassity says:

    Thank you so much Kay. I love a classic black door but as you can tell love some color too. I think pastel would be awesome!

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  18. Juli says:

    LOVE the door! Love the previous minty color! I’ve been looking for the right shade. May I ask what the mint shade was?

  19. Chassity says:

    Thanks Juli! I’m so sorry but I don’t remember :(

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  21. Slava says:

    Check out these clever ideas for making the most of your front door decorations this Christmas– including how to “float” a wreath on the front door.

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  25. This is so adorable!! Love this color! The way you styled the entire porch is so pretty!

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