Date: Feb 4 2019

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Happy Monday! Today I’m sharing 8 of my recent purchases, and guess what, there’s a common theme for many of items…

I now officially have this Rhode Resort dress in 5 colors and I clearly have a problem because I still want all the other colors. But come on, how cute is this twirly rainbow? And considering that 4 of my friends have texted specifically to say that I need this color as well makes me think that I actually I do…

Y’all know I’m a big time devotee of True Botanicals. I’ve used them for about 3 years now and they helped change my skin. Their new moisture lock overnight mask that they’ve been working on for 4 years finally released and I had to have it. I can’t urge you enough to try True Botanicals, if you haven’t already. They’re a clean brand that I trust, and nothing has ever worked better with my skin.

This navy polka dot dress is en route to me now so I haven’t gotten to try it on yet, BUT the price was right, the shape is FLATTERING, and it’s just so cute! It has all the potential to be a closet favorite.

This is now my 3rd Solid & Striped swimsuit in this exact style because it’s just an easy to wear, flattering cut. I needed a new simple black suit and this one is just tried and true.

Y’all know that little easy dresses are my favorite things to buy and wear, so don’t act surprised that there are so many little dresses in this post (even though it’s just the start of February). I’m loving the cut and style of this green polka dot cotton dress, aka comfortable and FLATTERING. * Update: this dress was just delivered to me and it’s adorable but it runs very small! 

Technically I didn’t purchase this all in one HP photo printer, Josh got it for me for Christmas. And I’m so glad he did because I finally have a printer at our house, it’s a great one, and it’s wireless so it’s super easy to actually send stuff over from my phone and print it!

Look guys! It’s not a little dress, it’s a long dress (albeit with a giant slit up the leg). I LOVE this black polka dot dress, and it comes in 4 pretty prints/colors. It’s super fun to wear, which I have twice now and both times got compliments from female strangers (a good sign imo). I have the size 8 by the way, I know this line can be tricky size wise but I swear it’s worth figuring it out, I probably have 10 reformation dresses.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, another little dress. But I love this pretty pink pattern and it’s a nice, easy fit. She’s coming with me to Harbour Island this weekend!

Another new purchase coming with me to Harbour Island this weekend – this navy raffia crossbody bag is on sale for $25 you guys. 25 Dollars. I’m just saying. Comes in a neutral natural color as well.


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