Date: Dec 9 2010

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All of my favorite bloggers are sharing their holiday decorations, and so I figure I will share mine too.  I gave you a sneak peak of my bathroom (thank you for so many sweet messages!!), and now I’m finally ready to share the rest of my seasonal decor as well.  It’s my favorite time of year, so I love to have a cozy home with a lot of festive touches throughout.

(I took this photo right before a party, normally we don’t have the red bags)

I’ll admit, I’m very much so a wreath kinda girl :)  This year I hung all of my wreaths by a brown and white striped ribbon.  Love how it pulls them all together.

This cabinet contains some of my very favorite Christmas decorations like my santa collection that was passed down to me from my grandpa.

And this painting that my 1 year old daughter painted at grandma’s house.  LOVE.

I used some of the left over ribbon to wrap up a small stack of books.

And I just got these Kelly Wearstler stockings from Plum Cushion.  Thanks Traci!  Absolutely adore these!!

My husband and I picked up this Santa print by Gaye Sanders Fisher during an art walk downtown a couple of years ago.  

Here are a few more of my holiday touches.

And lastly, in Lilly’s room we put Josh’s old Christmas tree and ornaments from when he was a little boy.  It plays music while slowly spinning around.  I’m so glad his parents saved it.

I hope you enjoyed the look around.  For as much work as one puts into decorating their home for a month or so this time of year, it feels good to get to share it with others.  Happy Holidays my friends :)


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29 Responses to “My Holiday Decor Tour”

  1. So many special touches in your home! From Lilly’s darling painting, the collection from your grandpa and your husband’s childhood tree, it all looks so magical! Really gorgeous Chassity!

  2. Morgan says:

    Love it all! Very classic but unique!

  3. Lovin That! says:

    Everything looks beautiful!! Those stockings are gorgeous – I want them:-)

  4. caycee says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous!!!! Love all the wreaths!!!

    PS may I ask where do you live in Charleston?

  5. Val says:

    Looks beautiful. I love all the pops of color.

  6. Natalie says:

    Love, love, love your decorations! I want to copy you and get those KW Stockings, they are to die for, absolutely fabulous!!
    btw how was your holiday party?

  7. Fabulous! Love how different your stockings are, how you hung tied bows on the side of your wreaths, and the ribbon wrapped around the books! Such great ideas, thanks for sharing!

  8. Kim A. says:

    SO PRETTY! Please come decorate our home! I have so many things I want to do for example ornaments in random glass dishes or unique bowls, just haven’t had time to do those just yet. You have so many additional ideas that I love. Ribbon around books….love that! Also, that same ribbon hanging your wreaths…again… love. :)

  9. SmartBear says:

    Love it! I am a big fan of wreaths as well. Great job….and I might steal your idea for red bags for the luminaries this weekend at my party!

  10. love it all. that painting by your daughter is perfect, i think i am going to do that. those stockings, are you kidding me? Amazing.

  11. Amanda says:

    How special! I love it all! But mostly the childhood tree.

  12. Nuha Sofiyan says:

    such a cute idea to wrap the books! love the festivity!!

  13. Morgan S. says:

    Chassity – very cute. Love all the wreaths! I actually have to say, as an artist, I see Lilly’s painting as an abstract version of Santa in his sleigh…do you see it too? I should take pics of my decor as well…I don’t have much, just the front room and outside…still working on collecting from Target’s clearance each year!

  14. Love the painting your one year old did! So cute and looks great for the holidays!!

  15. Love, love, love! You have some very special pieces, love the sentiments :) And your wreaths, ADORE! xo

  16. Aubrey says:

    It looks amazing! I think my favorite is that brown striped ribbon, it’s a nice unexpected twist and so darling! The painting is too cute…always adore the little stinkers’ artwork! (c:

  17. Jamie-Lynn says:

    Everything looks gorgeous, I love all your different wreaths. That is too cute that you put that adorable tree in you little girls room!

  18. your house looks absolutely gorgeous!!! i wish i could leave my christmas tree up all year.

  19. I am in love with it all. UGHHHH! The front steps are so inviting. What great stockings.

  20. Are those the most stylish stocking ever??!! I love all your wreaths and the ribbon is great too! I think your daughter has some serious artistic talent:)

  21. Chassity, it is all so pretty!! I was just thinking today that next year I need to hang my wreaths with ribbon … and now I am totally convinced. So glad you got those stockings – they look AMAZING!!!!

  22. wow! your home looks beautiful and oh, so festive!

  23. It looks so pretty! Love the heirloom pieces- it’s so great to hold onto your history and memories.

  24. It’s all utterly gorgeous Chassity. My favourite piece is your sweet Lilly’s painting- adore it! Also love the first picture of the front of your house, which reminds me how I think you have one of the pretties houses ever!!! Love the stockings, love the sentimental holiday pieces, love the wreaths, loved the striped ribbon- love it all. Elegant and so so pretty. xo

  25. gorgeous!!! how do you hang the ribbon for your wreaths? i love how you used the same ribbon throughout.

  26. So fabulous! The imperial trellis stockings are the best! And LOVE the kid art. So sweet.

  27. your house and your decorations are gorgeous!

  28. Carole says:

    So many special touches; your house is so festive.

  29. Torrie says:

    I know this is extremely belated, but I had to take a blog reading hiatus for the past few weeks… and I can’t bare to “Mark all as read” because there’s just too much ‘good stuff’ to look through!

    I absolutely love your home and and especially the ribbon used to hang the wreaths and ‘wrap’ the books. Thank you for sharing!

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