Date: Jan 22 2018

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Good Monday morning! I have a bit of fun house news to share – we are converting our screen porch into a closed in sunroom. I know, it’s complete blasphemy to do such a thing here in Charleston, but we NEVER use the screen porch. If we are going to be outside we prefer the front porch or the back patio and yard. Also, I don’t know how people keep up with their screen porches. Our’s is ALWAYS dirty.


Do we need a sunroom? Not exactly at this stage in our lives. But we do really want a home gym, so that is how we plan to use the space. It will be walls of windows and lots of natural light over looking our pool and yard. The idea is to make it a space that I can feel inspired in and actually want to be in. Here’s the current screen porch.



We’ll be filling those large open spaces with crank out casement windows, similar to these below. Not exactly these, but you get the idea. The breeze will feel fantastic.



And the floor will be these gorgeous Mirth Studio tiles that we installed in one our new bedrooms at Coral House. I love them so much, and it will feel nice to have a Coral House touch in the room. Plus the look  just suits a sunroom, don’t you think?



We bought a Peloton Exercise Bike earlier this month and I LOVE it. It’s a spin bike with an attached touchscreen – you can live stream spin classes from their NYC studios, and there are also tons of pre-recorded classes on there as well. We don’t want to overfill the room so we are keeping it simple right now with the Peloton bike and just a few other accessories like a yoga mat, some weights, and an exercise ball… We should be ready to start the renovation project in 6 weeks. I’m SO excited to begin!!



yoga trapeze – alright, I only wish I was cool enough to have one of these.

green pedestal fan – I sweat a lot. A fan is crucial for me. Isn’t this vintage style so pretty?

short sleeve crew tee – My best workout tee! The length is great and it’s a thin material.

resistance loop bands – I love these for a good leg work out.

jump rope – Fun way to get your heart rate going. Gotta wear a good sports bra though ;)

white floor fan – Seriously needed, and so cute!

wunder under leggings – 100% my favorite leggings ever.

wireless headphones – I own these and use them every day. Obsessed.

yoga balance ball – I love doing core exercises with these.

foam roller  Feels amazing. Best way to finish a workout.

apl sneakers – fabulous running shoes, so many color options.

resistance bands – I don’t have a lot of experience with these but everyone loves them.








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6 Responses to “House Update: Project Sunroom & Home Gym”

  1. Alesya says:

    Our friends in DC have that bike and love it. They put it in their bathroom and use it all the time. She says it’s given her the ass of a 20-year-old!

  2. Liz Brodahl says:

    Pumped you have a peloton! May consider when I’m done breastfeeding. Proud of you!!!

  3. stu pennebaker says:

    what a great idea!! i love the idea of cranking those gorgeous windows open and working out. our screened porch was always tinged pollen green during the spring, no matter how much we cleaned it. no fun!

  4. Chassity says:

    Well I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an ass of a 20 year old, too :)

  5. Chassity says:

    Liz I love it so much!! So glad we finally got one.

  6. Chassity says:

    YES our’s is always covered in pollen. It’s insane. Thank you so much, I’m so excited!

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