Date: Nov 13 2014

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So my mind has been on toys lately with Lilly’s birthday earlier this week, Fletcher’s birthday coming up in 2 weeks, and Christmas right around the corner. I have a few years under my belt now as a mom (5!), and it’s easier for me now to predict what my kids would really enjoy and what would only keep their attention for a few minutes. For instance, Lilly spends a lot of time every day working on art projects. Her favorite materials include crayons, markers, and tape. Yes, tape. You know, the fun washi kind that we like, too! She puts it on many of the pictures that she draws and then hangs her artwork with it all over our home. She uses it as bandages on her dolls. She even makes jewelry with it. So with that in mind I know that this Tape Caddy (60 rolls!) or this Tape Party Kit would be a smart gift choice. I found them both in Nordstrom’s Toy Shop. They’ve put together a kid oriented collection of toys that has anything from Frozen items to riders. There are 10 pages worth of ideas over there. Here are a few of my favorites.





poodle jellycat, karaoke machine, night vision play set,

vw van play tentmetallic fashion tattoos, air power soccer disk,

acoustic guitarcraft tape caddy, baby grand piano


We gave one of those air powered soccer disks to my little brother a year or so ago and they’re really cool! And that night vision set… I kind of want that for myself. I’m intrigued. We have jellycat dolls at our house and they are so soft. A good idea for any stuffed animal lover. Also, I’ve seen a lot of ugly karaoke machines in my day (and I was an AVID Singing Machine girl growing up), but this one is worthy of the prettiest playroom.


More ideas…



This post was brought to you by Nordstrom. All opinions, as always, are my own.


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  1. jillian says:

    those jellycat stuffed animals are SO soft and cute! we received a few for the baby :)

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