Date: May 15 2011

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I’m busy packing up my bags today to fly off to NYC for BLOGFEST!!!

Words cannot even come close to expressing my excitement over seeing some blog friends and meeting even more.  The inspiration that lays ahead these next few days has me flat out giddy.  I mean, party after party with all these magazine editors?!

Hot Damn!  Our schedule is packed to the brim so I won’t have time to blog.  But I haven’t left you hanging. I asked three of my most favorite bloggers to lend me a hand and pop over for a visit.  And trust me, what they have to show you won’t disappoint.  For now I’ll leave their identities a secret.  So be sure to stop by and see all the goodies.  I don’t have many guest bloggers here, so I really want them to feel at home.  I do hope you’ll tell them “hi” like ya’ll are so wonderful to do for me :)

Can’t wait to come home and report my experience with you!!  XOXO.

PS, I’ll be posting to my facebook page and twitter if you’d like to see the fun details (you know- like outfits, party decor, general awesomeness that happens) in real time!


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19 Responses to “It’s Here!”

  1. Enjoy the conference! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. Safe travels!!! Give NYC a kiss for me!

  3. Natalie says:

    Have a great trip sweet girl! Can’t wait to hear all the details! xoxo

  4. lizziefitz says:

    So exciting! You really live the Fab Life!!!

  5. So excited to meet you- only wish I was staying for the whole thing but I’ll take what I can get and sooo giddy for tomorrow- safe travels and I’ll see you soonly!!

  6. The Now says:

    SOOO excited for you & all of the other bloggers who will be there. Will be living vicariously thru your tweets and FB updates, so keep ’em coming! xoxo A & E

  7. Wow, sounds so much fun! Can’t wait to hear all about it on your tweets and see pictures! xx, Jeanne

  8. Have a great trip Chassity! Looking forward to your recap ;)

  9. Have a great trip Chassity! Looking forward to your recap ;)

  10. Have a great trip Chassity! Looking forward to your recap ;)

  11. Have a great trip Chassity! Looking forward to your recap ;)

  12. Ahhh have so much fun!!! Keep us updated on Twitter! xoxo

  13. Ocean Dreams says:

    Sounds like a blast – have such a wonderful time!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Did you check your wallet? I stole your credit cards.

    – the husband

  15. travelkate says:

    Have fun! Can’t wait to hear about it when you get back!

  16. Colleen says:

    Have a blast at blogfest! I’m so jealous. I also nominated you for stylish blogger award, when you have time in your busy day make sure to hop on over and check it out!

  17. Nuha says:

    Have fun Chassity!! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  18. Sounds like the coolest party *EVER*! I’m sure you will be living it up and passing along the inspiration…right??? (c: Have a fabulous trip, girlie!

  19. Samantha Kay says:

    Can’t wait to hear about it! I love your blog so much- it is in my “Daily’s” file. :)

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