Date: Feb 24 2011

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My next guest to partake in the Favorties Series hardly even needs an introduction.  The insanely gorgeous Jen Ramos from Made By Girl is pretty much a blog staple in most reader’s news feeds.  Her stylish designs and renovations always impress.  And I, along with so many others, am smitten with her prints available in her Made By Girl Etsy Shop.  Ya’ll know her work was just featured on The Nate Show, as well as in Cosmo, Glamour, Lucky, Marie Claire…. right?

Her “Love” print is available here.

So today I’m honored to get to share with you some of Jen’s favorite things from her home.  And with that, I’ll let Jen do the sharing.

MY ALL WHITE KITCHEN:  I can’t even begin to tell you how long I craved an all white kitchen. I’m so happy that I’ve been blessed with a nice home & the kitchen that I’ve wanted for so long. It’s roomy & has a great BIG island to serve all kinds of food on. Oh yes and the hicks pendants- they make such a great statement, they really complete the whole look & feel of the kitchen!

MY MASTER CLOSET: We have two master closets but we managed to renovate mine before the husband’s. For obvious reasons, I won more stuff! ha! Either way, my guy was very gracious and generous with his time when it came to building the shoe shelves & it is now one of my favorite spots in my home!

GUEST BEDROOM WING BACK CHAIR: The black & white wing back was recently re-upholstered. It was a chair I purchased a few years ago at Pier 1 imports and i decided to make it look more chic & interesting. I really think the white piping made such a great impact and i really love it.

FOYER PENDANT LIGHT: This light was a DIY that my guy & i took on. It was modeled after the Moooi random pendant & it looks super pretty when you walk into our place & look up.  Im really proud of the way it turned out and cant believe how much moeny we ended up saving!

MY PAINTING OVER MY DESK:  This painting is one of my favorites that I painted. It reminds me of lipstick or even nail polish. The colors are bright & happy and I constantly receive compliments on it, whether its online or when someone comes over to my home. My mom also told me she loved it which was really nice to hear her say!
Much thanks to Jen for sharing some of her home here with us today.  I can’t even believe that she and her husband made that pendant light.  And did you spy the acrylic stools in her kitchen?  And all the goods in her closet?  Okay, I’ll stop now.  No, I must comment on that painting- J’Adore (I never break out that phrase and ya’ll know that!).

So tell us what you think.  Which is your favorite from Jen’s home?


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40 Responses to “Jen Of Made By Girl Shares Her Favorites”

  1. The Zhush says:

    Love Jen’s blog and her home…hard to pick a fave, her kitchen is amazing…ditto her artwork!

  2. Natalie says:

    Gorgeous, talented, and a beautiful home. What a lucky girl. I adore Jen’s blog so it was a delight to see some of her favorite things. I for one need those stools and painting in my house.

  3. Gorgeous! She is incredibly talented.

  4. lizziefitz says:

    The Hicks pendants are beyond , Yummy!

  5. Sara Mueller says:

    She has a beautiful home! Gorgeous!

  6. Jessie says:

    Jen’s kitchen is amazing. The girl has some great style.

  7. 17 Perth says:

    I am loving her closet–jealous of her shoes and I think I would look more fabulous if I got dressed there everyday, BUT, my fave is her kitchen! Beautiful. Those lights are amazing–and the stools? Love.

  8. Deanna Pai says:

    Oh wow, I love the pendant light in her foyer — I can’t believe it was DIY! My mom has beautiful shelving for shoes just like that in her closet, and I like to look at them and cry because her feet are two sizes smaller than mine.

  9. Simply LKJ says:

    Just beautiful. Her kitchen is so serene!!

  10. Morgan says:

    Her closet is amezeballs!!!! Oh to have that one day…

  11. Jen has a lovely home! I adore her painting, and her closet is fab!

  12. Such a hard decision…but i adore that painting and the kitchen. I seriously just think she is fantastic!

  13. tickled. says:

    Now that question just isn’t fair … It’s way too hard to answer! I loved EVERYTHING! The painting and that DIY were among my top picks though … No wait! THE CLOSET!! Must have that closet! :)

    Lauren @ tickled.

  14. I have a long ‘ol list of things that *I* love about Jen’s house! She is absolutely fabulous! (c: I’m totally envious of her closet…

  15. Lovin That! says:

    I lover her style and blog!

  16. Everything in her home is stunning! This is such a fun series. On a side note- what’s on your mind- what kind of eye make-up remover do you us? I’m a Clinique Take the Day Off kinda girl :)

  17. designchic says:

    What a wonderful home…adore her closet!!

  18. She needs to start selling her art — those paintings are gorgeous!

  19. I love Jen’s blog and her amazing home! I really want the Hicks pendant too.

  20. Karena says:

    Chassity thak you so much for featuring Jen, I adore her. I think not only her closet, the painting! The piped b & w chair and the ghost stools !!

    Art by Karena

  21. love made by girl, and love jen’s gorgeous home. DIY inspiration bursting at the seams, and in such a chic way! great post :)

  22. wow, jen is so amazing! i cannot believe that pendant is diy!


  23. I love it all, but if I had to pick, I totally want that painting!

  24. I want it all, but if I had to pick, I totally want that painting!

  25. modern jane says:

    She really is talented! I love everything that she has done to her new place!

  26. Nuha says:

    I have been drooling over that painting for God knows how long, I absolutely love it! Oh, and she is gorgeous!!

  27. Kim Aull says:

    in LOVE with that closet! OOOHHH and that painting is perfect!

  28. Oh how I love Jen! Made by girl is such a fabulous daily read. My favorite of her home…The CLOSET hello! All I can hear in my head is EXPAND!!! I so could expand off my master to create a real closets like Jen’s :) She is so classy and so simply wonderful!

  29. Thank you Chassity for featuring me….sorry it took a bit to get some of this to you, y schedule gets crazy sometimes…. All the best & God bless you.

  30. SHERRY HART says:

    Amazing kitchen…love. I also love the painting over her desk! So cute and would be easy to re-create!

  31. Alena says:

    Such an amazing and beautiful home. I’m especially jealous of that pretty walk-in closet!

  32. Gorgeous! My favourite thing would have to be that divine closet- makes my heart skip a beat!

  33. Ohhh those stools! I caught that too Chassity! ;) How exciting to have JEN do a guest blog!! Loved it!

  34. Gray Benko says:

    Wow, her home is amazingly beautiful! And the light…sheer perfection. I am impressed, I wouldn’t even know where to begin making something like that!
    PS- I am drooling over her closet.

  35. An amazing home and the kitchen is simply stunning

  36. Brandi says:

    I’ll admit that I’m super jealous of that kitchen! The pendants with the white and the huge island are a dream of mine. Ok I might be jealous of the closet too… :)

  37. I love it all – so hard to narrow it down, but I if I had to pick one, it would be the hicks pendants… oh, and the black & white wingback chair… but I love the painting too! See, too hard to narrow it down…

  38. emily says:

    Her home is amazing. And the painting is fabulous!

  39. Holly Austin says:

    I loved seeing your house tour on Made by Girl – very beautiful!

  40. thank you to all the nice comments i appreciate it! :)))

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