When I think of motherhood one of the very first images that comes to mind is the family meal. Sitting around a big table with some home cooking just brings out the warm and fuzzies for me. Such pride is taken with serving recipes that are handed down through the family (like my granny’s chicken salad and my mom’s macaroni and cheese). It really is what family is made up of, you know?

What a treat it would be for your momma to have the tables turned (literally!) and sit her down to a beautifully presented Mother’s Day brunch.

And wouldn’t it be even better if one of those beautiful pieces on the table was a memento gift for mom to keep? A sweet reminder that would look pretty on her shelf and could also be used time and time again (for you know, when she’s back to cooking for you!).

And about that Otte dress… I saw Sally wearing it (the black color way) in Dallas and have been smitten smitten smitten ever since. She swears it’s the best dress ever and I believe what Sally says. It comes in this pretty blue, fuchsia, black, and white. You do have to look good and be comfortable at the brunch :)

I, of course, want nothing for Mother’s Day. But if my hands were tied behind my back and I absolutely had to chose something I would have to say that the loomed palmae food cover is pretty much tops in my book. Isn’t it incredible?

Now, what to serve…


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9 Responses to “Set The Table For Mom (& Look Good Doing It)”

  1. That dress is too cute!! Such a cute post, thanks for sharing!


  2. Love the food cover too, perfect for outdoor bunches.

  3. Shani says:

    What a sweet bar cart! I may need it this summer. So good to meet you at Jekyll Island last week.

  4. Love all these pics…and that dress is so you!

  5. That tablecloth is so perfect for my mom and dress is so perfect for me! ;) Happy Mothers Day!

  6. Lindley Anne says:

    What a great idea! I wish I was going to be with my mom on mother’s day so I could set a pretty little table for her! And that dress…amazing!

  7. Duesapps says:

    Loved the otte dress…I loved the shade..:)


  8. That bar cart is insanely good!

  9. How funny I loved the dress on Sally as well! I actually had blogged about it before and couldn’t take it off my mind…and seeing it on Sally made all the difference….I’m so tempted to go for it!!

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