Date: Feb 6 2013

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I’ve been keeping a dirty little secret. Really. Our backyard…

Not so pretty right now. We inherited an old 80’s pool that isn’t my favorite and throws everything off but we’re trying our best to work with it. We didn’t want to scrap it because, well, pools are fun. And it’s awesome to hear the stories from people about how they grew up swimming in the pool (it was one of the few pools in the neighborhood back in the day). And I mean, we’ve already overhauled the house, let’s keep the charming pool. I actually believe by embracing it we can create a super cool backyard (even without redo-ing it and spending an absolute fortune). Pipe dream? Very possible. What do you think? We’ve already switched it to salt, so there’s that at least. But it’s going to be hard to work with that weird patio. That’s the real problem. The patio that we probably have to work with. Budget budget…

In the meantime the screen porch and storage shed project we started a couple of weeks ago should wrap up in the next couple of days. I’m SO excited about both of these. We’re building the screen porch with the idea that it is a true room to the house and plan to be out there all the time with the kids. We didn’t put an exterior door on the porch, so you can’t get to the yard from there. I like it that way while the kids are young, plus it can be switched easily later. And I will finally get to use my mudroom since Josh will move all his tools and things out to the shed!! Awesome. Wouldn’t it be fun if that were a playhouse for the kids? Probably not going to happen though.

Note: all of these pictures were taken at different stages of the building process. And you know this light above the mint door is being replaced.

No, we don’t have a fireplace on our porch (though we’d like to have a backyard fire pit at some point). That’s the backside of the one that’s inside the house.

As far as the actual patio and yard area go, we have some space to work with. Our house is shaped like a U in the back so there is this courtyard that is created. So there’s potential. Our lot is uniquely large for our area, that’s a plus too. Here are some of the images that are inspiring me…

And these flamingos!! I mean, these people are just having fun with their home. That is what it’s all about. I’d love to incorporate a few :)

Oh and I know what you’re thinking and don’t worry. You’re right, I know nothing about landscape design. We’ve called in the big guns for this one and are working with a landscape architect. Hoping we make some magic together. One thing’s for sure, there will be some damn twinkling lights.


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18 Responses to “Backyard Design Files”

  1. woman! That is a really great blank canvas. You are so smart to work around that pool. It’s actually not so bad. Really. With the new shed and porch you hardly notice it’s not ideal. And once you place you’re awesome decor spin on things, it’s going to look like it was always meant to be. And please, pretty please, add a pink flamingo or two. They’re my favorite :)

  2. The space is amazing! And I like that you have that U shape at the back, I think it has great potential. Loving it already!

  3. The space is amazing! And I like that you have that U shape at the back, I think it has great potential. Loving it already!

  4. That backyard is going to look incredible! I’m really excited to see the result. Oh and I wouldn’t worry about the pool either… It’s really not that bad and once everything is in it’ll just look like it belongs. It already kind of does :)

  5. It is going to be SO fabulous. I have no doubt. Even your storage shed is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  6. Hannah Maple says:

    Chassity! I’m still in Charleston. We officially move at the end of Feb…just thought that was too complicated to say on HD :) Would love to grab coffee or a cocktail before I go. And yes, equally as fun to see you on patio challenge! Your backyard is going to be nothing short of amazing.

  7. So envious of this entire set up! I think I will need to pay a visit and bask in what will be an amazing backyard.

  8. Shannon says:

    I would like a backyard like this when I grow up. :) Or if I could just talk my husband into moving out of the comfort of our high rise condo and into a house. Either option I would be fine with. He-He.

    As always, love your posts!

  9. It’s going to look great! I would love to see a picture of the back of the house before the porch. It is exactly what I need for my house! That little shed is presh!

  10. You have a great foundation to begin with. That along with your inspirational photos will make a beautiful backyard! My husband and I just moved a path of pavers beside an oak tree… whew, now the yard is a mess, but it will be gorgeous once we finish!

  11. 17 Perth says:

    You have to have twinkling lights! ;) I am sure they can work some magic on that place. It has great “bones”…even if they are from the 80s. Maybe they will be done by the “true” springtime. (even though it already feels like spring!)

  12. Girl, this space is going to be fabulous! We’ve got an 80s pool, but it’s not as pretty as yours. Can’t wait to see what you do…we’re doing a little something something since a certain someone gave my name to the depot people ;)

  13. lizziefitz says:

    I have said it before & I will say it again… Love your house posts!!!! Amazing spaces, colors & details. You have a real gift for interior design. Your home makes me giddy it is so purdy!!!

  14. Kim Aull says:

    It’s looking great! Love the cute shed! Wait…don’t tell Josh I used the word cute for his shed! Love the cool shed!…there ;) The porch is great!

  15. It has so much potential!! Especially with fabulous inspiration photos like the ones you included. Can’t wait to see what this turns into!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  16. DahliLynn says:

    Just found your blog…and I love everything about it. I burst out laughing at your Dirty Secret joke. If your backyard is a Drity Secret then mine is a horror story….Happy Thursday!

  17. Nice! Your patio looks great, huh? Getting inspiration can really help you come up with awesome results. I can imagine how your patio would look like after you finished it. Well, you must’ve been done with it now. How gorgeous is it? :)

    Angelina Garcia

  18. These photos are really inspiring especially the third one. I like the idea of having a fire pit on the deck. Having a barbecue grill wasn’t enough, huh? :’D Well, it’s as if you’re at the beach having a bonfire with your friends. It’s one thing that everyone in my family really enjoys when we have get-togethers. :D

    Barrett Elmore

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