Date: Aug 29 2012

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I admit I’ve never really had the gorgeous table. You know, like the pictures you see where everything is perfectly placed and there are fresh flowers, pretty books, the perfect sconce light…

 or maybe…

Mine is much more likely to have one of Lilly’s princess crowns and some stray cheerios. But after seeing some gorgeous carafe’s on pinterest, I’m a little motivated.
Or maybe some pink… 


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7 Responses to “Bedside”

  1. Anna says:

    I have a carafe just like the wood stopper ones. Got it as a wedding gift, but it came from Open House in South Windermere. I love it. It’s made from recycled glass and very sturdy! Such a fun piece to keep on a bar tray or bedside table.

  2. Oh man, those carafes are so gorgeous and shapely…and just stop it right now with the fun colors! That pink is absolutely lovely…

    p.s. have I told you lately what a sweet friend you are? Only a true friend will tell you when something embarrassing is going down! (c;

  3. The Now says:

    Oh those are really cool!! I love the colorful carafes.

    PS The Now and new sponsor, Swirl are hosting a J. Crew Gift Card Giveaway. Be sure to enter, lady! xoxo

  4. Something is so luxurious about having a carafe next to your bed:)


  5. I don’t have that perfect table either. I don’t even have a child to blame it on- I just accumulate papers, stray magazines etc. on my bedside table and then am constantly trying to clean it up. Loving those clear carafes!

  6. Love both of those carafes- the bright colors are so fun! I’m not sure that anyone has the perfect table…maybe only when guests come over! haha

  7. I don’t have a great bedside table either. I love those carafes, especially the pink!

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