Date: Feb 26 2013

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What, you see all pretty clothes and fancy things up in here so you think I don’t know my way around a Home Depot? Wrong. They’re such a legit group over there.

Remember when I took part in their holiday style challenge? Well a few weeks ago they asked me to participate in their upcoming Patio Style Challenge, too. Que the happy dancing.

So I was invited to choose a patio set to have and to hold forever and ever. As you know, we’re in the midst of fixing up our backyard. Which means I’ll soon be in need of a dining set to go back there. Pretty good timing right? Feeling so lucky. The backyard isn’t done yet, so for the time being my new set will live in this little space on my porch.

I can’t wait to break into those boxes and get this pretty all set up! Expect some bright paint, people :) I’m thinking peachy coral. But we’ll see where the Home Depot paint department pulls me. Unfortunately our painters want to charge an arm and a leg to paint this (take advantage much?) so I miiiiight actually have to tackle this on my own. Any tips for painting cast aluminum?


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18 Responses to “Challenged By Home Depot… Again!”

  1. can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Erin says:

    I cannot wait to see how this turns out!

  3. KatiePerk says:

    EXCITING!! I know it is going to be wonderful. Look forward to see the finished product.

  4. Ehhh!! which one did you end up getting? Painting sounds like a great idea ;)

  5. Ehhh!! which one did you end up getting? Painting sounds like a great idea ;)

  6. Ohhh I’m doing it too. Sending you an email

  7. Can’t wait to see which one you chose! Fun!

  8. Ah! Can’t wait to see! I need Home Depot to come and knock on my door. My poor backyard looks horrible!


  9. e-revelry says:

    I would suggest powder coating instead of painting….There are places around here that do it and I’m pretty sure can do it in any color you choose.

  10. lizziefitz says:

    Perfect timing ! At least you won’t have to post signs explaining to neighbor about this challenge. Lol! Looking forward to seeing which color you choose.

  11. Years ago my Mom took a bunch of old wicker furniture to an AUTO BODY SHOP!!!!! They charged half of what a painter would charge and that stuff stayed on for YEARS! I wonder if that would work…might limit your color options though.

  12. The Now says:

    Oh yay!!!! Ugh I was just saying how desperately we need patio furniture! Can’t wait to see what you do!!!! xo

  13. You can totally paint it!! You’ll need quite a few cans, probably one per piece. I’ll be over this weekend and we’ll whip it out. whoa, I like how that sounded! ;) We’ll need to play dress up in your closet while I’m there. kthxbai

  14. i have no tips because ive never done it…but reading about Home Depot makes me miss my LV home a little bit.
    Its off reading home projects now that we live in a NYC apt…
    hope you figure it out :)

  15. Vic Tullman says:

    Metal is best served by Powder Coating, and you can get it in any color imaginable.

  16. Thanks guys! This has been so helpful.

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