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Date: Oct 31 2014

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One of the most anticipated moments of my kids’ day is after school snack time. It’s a big deal that can sometimes lead to meltdowns if deemed unsatisfactory. Any other moms feel me? Some days are more exciting than others. Yesterday Shari’s Berries made me look really good with their zoo animal brownie pops. When they reached out to me about sponsoring a blog post I could hardly deny my family the possibility of free brownie pops, right?!



IMG_6382 IMG_6380




Happy faces up there. Yes, even that second to last one with Fletcher’s smooshy face. And bringing happiness is the whole goal of Shari’s Berries mission, to bring happy smiles to faces every day. They’d love to help you bring a smile to someone that you love.


And if you’re in the Charleston area and would like to win some of Shari’s Berries’ treats you should totally participate in this sweet happy face movement they just unveiled yesterday. For the next 6 weeks they’re giving away 25 gifts each week! To participate all you have to do is tweet, facebook, or instagram a post celebrating happy gestures towards others. These gestures can be as simple as snapping a picture of a happy couple together, paying for a stranger’s latte, or writing a thank you note to a friend. Whatever makes you feel good. Just be sure to include the hashtag #happyAface so that you’re entered to win. You can read more about the happy face movement right here.


Speaking of chocolate, happy Halloween! Who’s ready to trick or treat? I know those two up there are. Fletcher’s going to dress up as a pirate. Lilly’s going to be a mermaid at her school party. And for tonight’s neighborhood party and trick or treating she’s going to be a witch. At least, that’s the plan… She just can’t quite decide for certain!


This post was brought to you by Shari’s Berries. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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Date: Oct 30 2014

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I just found the holy grail. Colorful moroccans, too. All right here.


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IT’S HERE!! Seems like forever ago we were hearing whispers about a rumored Kate Spade & Jack Spade + Gap collaboration. I stalked websites,  I googled… anything to get a peek. And as of today the collection is now available. As expected, it’s pretty adorable!


graybenko_evans-3 graybenko_evans-5

384A0056-Edit graybenko_evans-6


The whole collection is totally wearable and fun. So much so that Lilly insisted upon wearing this dress to school the next day. I didn’t argue.


graybenko_evans-2 graybenko_evans-7 graybenko_evans-9


Soooo… Fletcher’s hair. He cut it. CHOPPED it. Himself. The night before our family shoot. You can imagine my angst. I know, I know. It’s just hair and it grows back. No biggie. But it still broke my heart a little.


graybenko_evans-15 graybenko_evans-27




Can’t you just hear him saying “oh Mom”?!



graybenko_evans-36 graybenko_evans-37 graybenko_evans-42


On Lilly: bow dressbow flats, satchel, dot tightsear muffsmittens

On Fletcher: sweater cardigangoogly eyes sneakers, santa hat

On Josh: oxford shirt, herringbone blazer, jeans

On Me: bow top, black booties


These things that Lilly and Fletcher are wearing are just a few of the cute pieces from the collection. There are so many adorable things like this coat for boys, and this coat for girls. And this fun shirt for boys and this skirt!! The collection launches this morning! Shop it all right here.


Photography by Gray Benko. The post was brought to you by Kate Spade, Jack Spade, and Gap. All opinions, as always, are my own.



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Date: Oct 29 2014

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I’ve been bookmarking all sorts of pretty things around the web lately. Here are some of my current most favorites.




green dress, candleslace trim top, parka, blue clutch, jeans,

cocktail napkins, necklacestripe throwplaid pullover

metallic bag, script sweatshirt, everyone’s a dumb whore

christmas truckload cardsbuckle booties, crystal earringsstripe top


How great of a gift idea (for yourself or someone else) would that Mexico cookbook be? Not only is it pretty but it features more than 700 authentic recipes. I mean, I want that! The button down green dress up top there is only $43. Seriously. And how pretty is that blue clutch? Also, I could live in that stripe top and sweatshirt.


PS: Shopbop just marked down a ton of good winter things like everyone’s favorite easy tunic sweater, a knitted pretty cardigan, this drapey cowl neck cashmere sweater, and both black & grey Rag & Bone booties. Shop the new marked down section right here.


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Date: Oct 28 2014

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Show of hands who was team Whitney on The Hills? Or did she not really have a team? And was she actually on The Hills? Was it The City? I can’t remember now. But I loved her.




So I was super excited to see her new office makeover with OKL. It’s really good. In the interview Whitney said that her father recently passed away, and that she was holding on to a bunch of stuff for the sake of holding on even though it didn’t feel like her. And now after her office makeover it’s so nice to walk in there and feel refreshed. It’s certainly bright and cheery.




In the OKL blog post they share 9 fun tips for making your office more you. I especially love this idea about not just layering rugs but laying them side by side to cover a larger space. Just because you have one or two that are too small doesn’t mean you can’t make them work.




Really though, it’s a good story with fun ideas. Check out the blog post here. If you want to just shop the makeover you can do that here.


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Date: Oct 28 2014

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So I have a new hobby. Spinning. I know that sounds so lame for a hobby, but I’m REALLY into it. It’s a way for me to get solid exercise while listening to good music and zoning out. It’s sorta like dancing on a bike a lot of the time. And the classes are dark. Not pitch black but the lights are really low, which I love. My goal is to go 4 times a week, but I probably get there more like 3 times a week because it’s hard to make my schedule work with my spin studio’s schedule. Alongside spinning I go to pilates once a week, walk/jog in my neighborhood, and go to the occasional barre class. That all makes it sound like I’m always working out, I’m not.


But since I am in workout clothes so much I sorta care about how they look and feel. I don’t need cutting edge designs or loud patterns, but I do want nice, well made pieces that I can mix and match. It’s also important to me that I’m well supported and held in. Everywhere. I’ve always had the best luck at lululemon. (Ummm, have you heard about their cult like following? Whoa.) They’re not the cheapest line out there but they’re also not nearly the most expensive. And I’ve found that all of my most favorite pieces that I have are by them. It’s funny how important feeling comfortable and secure is to get me motivated and out the door.



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702b888bad6f0a50e72b7468b0d10941 LW2670S_0001_1


Do you like lululemon? Would love to hear your thoughts. Anyone else tried spin? I know I’m late to the game on this one.


Shop lululemon’s collection here.


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